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May, 2021

FLLL 2021 7/8 All Stars District Chamions

The stars were aligned over Deerfield Beach last night during the Fort Lauderdale Little League (FLLL) Vs. North Springs Little League (NSLL) 7/8 All Star Championship Game. FLLL achieved back to back, undefeated, 7/8 All Star District Victory in a 13-3 win! FLLL Players (boys and girl) formed a brick wall on defense and turned Baseballs into satellites on Offense. Our FLLL coaches helped turn our players into a high speed freight train - an unstoppable force! With only a week to train a group of players who were peppered in from our FLLL teams to form 1 team - Wow!
Huge thanks to (DBLL) Deerfield Beach Little League &  DBLL President Jason Siracusa for hosting the All Stars 7/8 Series. Also another big thanks to Brian Johnson, our district president, for coordinating the teams and the All Star Tournament. It was a great atmosphere for the Parents / Coaches / Players.
Finally, thanks to all the teams we had the opportunity to play. They all offered positive, player (kid) centric, challenging, competitive Baseball.  We have a great group of Little League teams in our District! We are certainly proud of our highlights below but also respect and appreciate the teams we had the opportunity to play.

Highlights for FLLL:

  • Fastest Game Win : 39 minutes
  • Combined Team Score 50-7. That is 50 Runs for FLLL during the series and ONLY 7 runs against us during the entire series from all other combined teams.
  • 80 Hits, 3 Home Runs, 54 Singles, 18 Doubles, 5 Triples, 49 RBI's.
  • Only 1 Strike Out.
  • Combined Team Batting Average .690
  • FLLL vs CCLL : 16-0
  • FLLL vs NSLL : 10-3
  • FLLL vs Parkland : 11-1
  • FLLL vs NSLL : 13-3


Christine Baust
Tyler Calpin
Dylan Cabeza
Carter Dworken
Ryan Fanning
Cameron Fayter
Wyatt Gase
Graeme Healey
Juan Herrera
Colin Letourneau
Kyle Marsh
Leyton Procacci


PJ Healey
Josh Procacci
John Fanning
Rick Fayter