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Local League Rules

Uniforms Updated 2024

Players should wear ONLY attire provided by the league or approved by the league. Hats / Shirts / Pants / Socks. Deviating from team uniforms could result in Coach Suspension. * We understand at times a player may not have a complete uniform for a game. We want to avoid team wide changes to the uniforms.

We do provide Full Uniforms in Spring.

During Fall, we only provide Shirts and Hats. Players are expected to wear Gray Baseball Pants unless approval has been granted by the league to a team Head Coach President / Vice President to change these colors.


We expect you to be on the front lines of good sportsmanship. Significant unsportsmanlike conduct by your player or yourself can result in ejection or suspension from the league (profanity, violent behavior, etc..). For players, we get it, they are kids, they make mistakes - help us guide them to be better athletes and sportsmen..  We also ask that any disagreements with your coach to be had in a civil and private manor.


The only people allowed on the fields during game play are Players, Coaches & Umpires. Absolutely no one else should be on the field for any reason without the express permission from the Vice President or President. Keep the fields tidy and free of obstructions and distractions.

If your catcher will not be batting during the current inning (or has batted - lower divisions), please have the catcher equipped and ready to take the field before the start of the next inning.

Questions or disagreements will be resolved by the Head Coach approaching the umpire in a discreet and amenable manner. Yelling or poor behavior (from the dugout or anywhere else) on any part of the Head Coach or his/her assistants will not be tolerated and discipline will be mandated by the league board as they see fit. The goal here is to not escalate beyond whatever the issue at hand may be.

Beyond the umpire, we expect you and your team to act with good sportsmanship.

Some examples of poor sportsmanship :
Not shaking hands after a game.
Players throwing bats or helmets. 
Teams yelling negative comments at the opposing teams.
Coaches making demeaning comments about another team or players.

Coaches should not disagree with each other about plays. That is what the umpire is for. Asking for a time to discuss a situation with an umpire does not require a verbal disagreement from the opposing team. Yelling "Play Ball" or anything else while a coach is having a discussion with the umpire is unacceptable..

The on-deck position is not permitted from T-Ball through Majors. On-deck is only permitted in 50/70 - Seniors. When a team is at bat, everyone except the batter and the first and third base coaches must remain inside the dugout and out of the doorway.

Little League coaches are responsible not only for their own behavior, but also of the behavior of their players, assistants, and spectators.

Be a positive role model for the children entrusted to you. Your example is the first line of defense against inappropriate behavior.

Teach by example. Remember that many baseball terms are unfamiliar to young players. Concepts like tagging up, force outs, and follow through need to be demonstrated to be understood.

Coaches, players, and parents / spectators need to be appreciative of the special -- and at times difficult -- role played by umpires, without whom our league cannot function. Umpires should always be addressed respectfully.

The following statements are absolutely true with regard to any baseball game:

1) The umpires are the only ones empowered to decide the outcome of a given play.
2) If the umpires didn't see it, it didn't happen.
3) Balls and strikes are whatever the home plate umpire says they are.
4) Out or safe calls are not negotiable.

Be mindful of the negative impact that arguing with an umpire in front of children and spectators would have on the pleasant atmosphere that we all want to enjoy as we participate in or watch a game.

Trust that all of the close calls you'll witness during your team's games will even out over the course of a season.

Remember the close ones that went your team's way, and be thankful, because those calls could have very easily gone the other way.

Protest situations should be prevented if at all possible. When a situation arises that you recognize as possibly leading to a protest, the potential offenders should be notified immediately so that they can take whatever action is necessary to avoid the protest.

For a protest to be considered, the procedures outlined in the Little League rulebook must be followed. Any concerns related to our league's umpires should be directed to league board members. Coaches and umpires know that your efforts on behalf of our neighborhood's children are very much appreciated.

Thanks for all you do to make our season a positive, successful experience for all the children entrusted to your care.

Please Review our complete Local League Rules  

Little League Rules

The Fort Lauderdale Little League follows and administers rules and safety protocols from the Little League® Baseball and Softball handbooks.

It is important for all Little League® volunteers and parents to be familiar with the most up-to-date version of Little League’s Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies.

These rulebooks, published in the fall for all divisions of Little League Baseball®, Little League Softball®, and the Little League Challenger Division® provide the structure and support for local leagues and Districts to provide a meaningful Little League experience for all children in their community. 

For full information all rules and regulations please click ion the link below to find Rulebooks, Age Charts Bat Information, Pitching Rules and all information.