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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Regular Season Sponsorship

Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball Sponsorship Information

How Tax Deductible Sponsorship can Help your Business

Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball is a fantastic opportunity for your business to reach thousands of dedicated parents, families and residents. Not only will your company be supporting the incredible boys and girls in this awesome youth athletic program, but you will be highlighting your company in front of thousands of Little League fans and parents.

Since Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball is a non-profit organization, your sponsorship is 100% tax deductible! Home Run for Everyone!

* Sponsorships are per season. Fall or Spring. Fall traditionally runs from Sept-Nov and Spring from Feb-May.

Seasonal Sponsorship Pricing / Registration / Info

With pricing from $300-$5,000, we have a lot of opportunity for any company.

Examples depending on your level of Sponsorship:

- Your 4'x8' Banner(s) on our fields (give us the art and we will print)

- Show off your company name on the back of a team's jerseys

- Digital Banner on our home page

- Email Mentions

- Social Media Mentions

Download our Sponsorship Package for pricing and additional information (Click Here).

If you would like to register with a credit card (Visa/Mastercard), please scroll to the bottom of this page. If you already have a child playing with us, login and click the available programs next to your child's name.

If paying by check or Zelle, please download the Sponsorship Package and fill out the form. Additional instructions are located on the form.

How is your sponsorship money utilized?


Make no bones about it, Little League costs a lot of money. This is a volunteer organization of which ALL proceeds GO DIRECTLY to the little league program. It allows us to hire outside staff (inside staff is all Volunteer) like score keepers, erect temporary fences, rent baseball fields, purchase insurance, purchase equipment for the leagues and the list goes on.

Fort Lauderdale Little league is part of the National Little League organization and it receives zero tax payer money from the city of Fort Lauderdale. The league is funded solely through donations, sponsorship and player fees. The only relationship that we have with the city of Fort Lauderdale is that we live in this great community and have the opportunity to utilize the Fort Lauderdale Baseball Fields for our Youth Baseball Program.

Take advantage of this great tax deductible opportunity today. You will be helping build a better community, you will be supporting the boys / girls of our youth Baseball program and expose your business to thousands of new potential customers. Grand Slam!

You Have Invested in us and we Want to Invest in you


We want parents and kids to understand that there are people who help financially support our league and they back us up on home plate. The Parents back up the kids, kids back each other during the games, and you back up the league with your financial support.

And there are many ways for you to improve upon the success of your sponsorship. As an example, scheduling days where Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball parents get a discount on meals and services and / or mentioning Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball at your establishment entitles them to a discount. Also, your company can send us coupons that we can then resend in our monthly sponsor emails. If you have innovative ideas for marketing with us, give us a shout; we are here to listen.

Let's hit one out of the ballpark together; join us in our next season, and sponsor a team or the league today!

Quick Overview

  • Expose your Company to thousands of new customers
  • We will advertise your company on team jerseys, field banners, web site banners and our monthly emailers.
  • Multiple levels of tax deductible affordable sponsorships available (It's almost free advertising with the write off!)
  • You will be Supporting the boys and girls of Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball
  • You will be Helping build a better Fort Lauderdale by investing in our/your community
  • Great businesses see great opportunities; here is a great opportunity!

You can start right now by just downloading and filling out the small form and sending it along with a check. Now you're on your way to being part of the great game of Baseball and Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball.

Need help?

For questions regarding sponsorships, please contact sponsorship at [email protected]

Thank You,

Fort Lauderdale Little League and Softball


Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.