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Quick FAQ

Weather Related Cancellations

The league will email you and often times the entire league. It is important THAT YOU email your team of cancellations. Email addresses change throughout the season and often times you have the most current information for your teams.

Rescheduling or Scheduling a Game

BEFORE **emailing us, Always check the Calendar in Team Central and ensure another game is not scheduled on the date/time that you would like to schedule a game.

** Email the scheduler, or use the general league email address and we will send to the scheduler.

To schedule a new game, please email the scheduler the date/time/park/field/teams.

To re-schedule a game, email the scheduler the ORIGINAL date/time/park/field/teams and then the new date/time/park/field/teams

Contacting your team

Once teams have been finalized, you will either be emailed a roster or told to login to your team page. The head coach can print his/her roster with contact information from the team page. You can access your team page (you must be logged in) from either the Team Directory link under Team Central OR after logging in, a link is provided for you on your personal page for a direct link to the Team Page.

Please stay in contact with your team and remind them of games and practices.

1st Base Dugout Belongs to Home Team

Enough said.