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Our Staff

If you would like to email a member our board, please email [email protected] and add the League officer or Commissioner name to the subject line.

League Officers 2024

Scott Baust League President
Anita Soni Baseball Vice President / Marketing & PR
Ronald "Pete" Cameron
Softball Vice President
Joe Hess Treasurer
John Thomas
TJ Delnegri
Player Agent
Shawn FaibanksSafety Officer
Chip BurpeeCoach Coordinator
Cullin O'BrienEquipment Manager
Christian Petersen
League Information Officer
Andres Echarte
Peter "PJ" Healey Umpire In Chief

Softball Officers

Ronald "Pete" Cameron Softball Vice President
Caron Bosler Softball Coach Coordinator
Paul Baker Softball Safety Officer

Honorary Board Members / Officers

For years of outstanding service, commitment and dedication to the league.
Dan Marzano
Honorary Board Member / Officer
Patsy Keenan Honorary Board Member / Officer
Jim Weick
Honorary Board Member / Officer


Fort Lauderdale Little League Board Members

All Coaching Staff are automatically Members of the Board if they have Volunteered  for 1 complete year in the previous year.