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Jun, 2021

FLLL 2021 13U 50/70 All Stars District Champions

Fort Lauderdale Little League is off the charts this year with District win #3! With this win behind us, FLLL (Fort Lauderdale Little League ) is moving onto the 50/70 Sectional Tournament!

Our 50/70 All Star team went into the District Championship undefeated! Championship game this past Saturday was scheduled as a double header. The first game was a battle, ending in a 8-12 loss for FLLL. FLLL came back in the second game for an 11-5 WIN to clench the Championship.

Special thanks to Cullin O'Brien for his utter dedication to his team and to the league -- he knows no bounds!

He coached a 50/70 team, a juniors team and his Sunrise Middle School team during spring and is now filling up his summer with FLLL Tournament games. It has always been his goal to share his love of Baseball with his players and the league.
We know Cullin must subscribe to our FLLL 10:1 rule. For every hour our Baseball coaches spend on the field, they spend another 9 off the field planning and preparing!

Great job FLLL 5070! Thanks again, parents, coaches and above all players! Further note our 50/70 All Stars Team was comprised of players from 5 teams from around our league!

The team ended the series with a total .385 batting average, 4 OVER THE FENCE HOME RUNS (2xObrien, 1xCarney, 1xCopelin) and 37 RBI's.


At the time of this writing, FLLL currently has 3 District Championships for 8U,10U and 13U! Never happened before! Our 11U Team is on its way to District Championships this Tuesday! Our 11U team, like our 8U, 10U, 13U teams, is going into the Championship UNDEFEATED! Of the 6 divisions available for District Championship, FLLL so far has put 4 TEAMS INTO THE CHAMPIONSHIPS and won 3 as of now!

Thanks to all the District 10 leagues who volunteered field usage during the tournament.


FLLL @ CSA : W 10-2
FLLL @ Deerfield : W 10-8
FLLL @ Deerfield : L 8-2
FLLL @ Deerfield : W 11-5


F. Bianco
F. O'Brien
R. Carney
L. Cerrone
H. Copelin
J. Eacobacci
N. Greene
K. Harding Smith
T. Hess
O. Martinez
J. Riccelli
J. Schwegman


Cullin O'Brien (Head Coach)
Jason Cerrone
Joey  Piechura