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Our staff and volunteers are not medical professionals. We ask you to please monitor your children for illness. Any player who exhibits symptoms of illness will be asked to leave the field.

We ask you to check with the city of Fort Lauderdale for changes in the guidelines.

Parents, please help us by teaching your children to keep equipment, food, water bottles with their backpacks or together with all of the players equipment. This is not just important for the COVID epidemic, but a central tenant in sports.

*********************  Much of the below may sound like a thorn in your side, but it has been happening all summer long in leagues across the country. After the first practice the kids will have this all mastered and the same with the games. It is not complicated, just common sense things we can all do.

******************** We know some people have become anti-facemask. We can probably understand, its hot and uncomfortable. BUT - if you want the kids to play Baseball, then follow the recommendations. We want the kids to play ball and we do not want to give the city a reason to take that away. The city has been supportive, so please support the city and our Baseball Community by following the recommendations.


All Participants / Attendees


  1. All players and attendees please wear face masks from the car to the field. Fort Lauderdale requires masks in public spaces.
  2. Attendees (those watching the games / practices), PLEASE bring lawn chairs and spread out. Sit near fences along the outfield to watch the games, PLEASE DO NOT congregate on the bleachers.
  3. Keep social distancing in Mind when finding a place to sit.
  4. If you leave your seat, please wear a face covering.
  5. Please bring an extra chair for your player. During offense, 1/2 the children will be in the dugout and the other 1/2 will be outside the dugout. PLEASE HELP US to keep children outside of the dugout to pay attention to the game.
  6. Please, only parents / care givers should attend games. I know we want to bring friends, family, etc.... Only Parents / Caregivers please. We need to keep our crowds small.
  7. PLEASE HELP US TO ACHIEVE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR BASEBALL COMMUNITY. It is vitally important that we all work together, so we may continue to play our entire season. We cannot stress this enough.


  • NO GUM, SUNFLOWER SEEDS  Basically, no foods a player would be inclined to spit out.
  • Players are not required to wear masks (this is optional). All players must have a face covering has part of there gear.

  • (Catchers gear will be made available to teams for Coach Pitch-Major Leagues) - COACHES: FLLL has catchers gear that players can borrow for the FALL season. No more then three sets of catchers gear will be provided to a team. You must designate catchers for your teams.
  • Tee-Ball does not utilize the catcher position.
  • We recommend that coach pitch blue teams to not utilize the catcher position.
  • Any child that does not have equipment (Glove/Bat) CANNOT play during games. Your child/player MUST have own GLOVE/BAT during games at minimum to participate. We cannot excuse a player from the batting order or field time during games due to forgotten equipment.


  • No Catchers in Coach Pitch Blue Division. Tee-Ball does not have Catchers.
  • CP-RED through Majors, each team will be given 2 complete sets of catchers gear. NO SHARING. The gear is for one child to borrow for the season. You have to designate a catcher/s on your team. Extra equipment is available upon request.
  • Little League Pledge (Game Opening) : Make sure all players spread out on 1&3 base paths.
  • No game ending hand shakes, elbow bumps.
  • Game ending talks are to be done in the outfield or off of the baseball fields. Keep them distanced.
  • SCRIMMAGING / GAMES, we recommend a 1/2 in 1/2 out in the dugouts. Meaning, keep enough players in dugout to feed home plate for batters and leave a group waiting outside the fence. Rotate in and out as needed to keep the flow - but not to swamp the duguout.

    ---- Consider asking parents if someone could bring portable pavilions to the games so the kids can have a shady spot outside the dugout
    ---- Players in Dugout must practice social distancing.
    ---- Players outside Dugout must practice social distancing.

  • Practices, we recommend having players keep equipment outside of the dugout spaced apart, again to prevent players from bunching up in the dugouts.

    ---- Easy way to figure out spacing is to have each player hang his/her equipment on each pole along the fence.

  • KEEP DUGOUTS / FIELDS TIDY. Gloves, hats, water bottles NEED to remain with players backpacks / gear. Their should not be random gear laying around dugouts. IE, batter on deck, but glove and hat are sitting on bench - glove and hat need to be in players backpack.

  • ANY PLAYER experiencing or displaying symptoms of illness must vacate the field of play immediately.


In an effort to allow individuals, our partnership groups and their participants to enjoy their me on the athletic fields during these challenging mes, we ask that that you follow the basic requirements listed below.

  • Face coverings should be worn by coaches and participants as feasible when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.
  • Ensure adequate supplies to minimize sharing of high-touch materials to the extent possible, or limit use of supplies and equipment to one group of participants at a me and clean and disinfect a&er each use.
  • Please make sure participants bring their own water bottles; water fountains remain closed.
  • Prioritize practice and drills where physical distancing can be maintained as much as possible.  
  • Pursue options that convene participating in sports activities in ways that minimize the transmission of COVID-19.  This could be achieved by practicing in smaller groups where you are able to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing.
  • Anyone experiencing illnesses should remain home.